Education Highlights

The Project is a collaboration of nongovernmental partners.  The partner organizations leading efforts on education implementation include the American Bar Association's Legal Center for Foster Care and Education, "Network Partner" to the Project, and Madelyn Freundlich, Issue Manager for the Project.  For more information about the Project's partnerships, please see here  

On this Highlights page you will find information on implementation of the education  provisions of the Fostering Connections Act, as well as selected resources to support implementers.    

Implementation Approaches 

  • Connecticut: SB 31
    In the spring of 2010, Connecticut passed Senate Bill 31, which went into effect July 1, 2010. The law established that, when it is in the child's best interest to remain in his or her school of origin (SOO): The Connecticut Department of Children...
  • See Implementation News for more state-specific examples of education implementation.

Selected Education Resources

  • Federal Guidance
    The Children's Bureau provides a very helpful single resource document intended to serve as a reference for stakeholders interested in locating Children's Bureau (CB) policy, guidance and other implementation activities related to the Fostering Connections
  • The National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections (NRCPFC)
    The NRCPFC provides a wide array of resources on the education provisions of the Fostering Connections Act.
  • ABA Legal Center for Foster Care and Education
    The ABA Legal Center is a national leader and resource in the effective implementation of the education provisions of Fostering Connections. Here you will find the Legal Center's materials for Fostering Connections to aid states working on implementation.
  • Foster Care and Education Brief: When School Stability Requires Transportation: State Considerations
    This brief, produced by the ABA Legal Center for Foster Care and Education, covers recommendations for state consideration regarding transportation to meet school stability.
  • Fostering Connections Act - Implementation Checklists for Education Provisions
    These checklists produced by the ABA Legal Center for Foster Care and Education are designed to guide conversations and support thoughtful implementation of the important education provisions in Fostering Connections.
  • WEBINAR: Fostering Connections Through Education and Transportation
    The powerpoint presentation from the July 13th webinar on Fostering Connections through Education and Transportation hosted by in conjunction with the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law.
  • Education is the Lifeline for Youth in Foster Care
    A fact sheet on Education and Foster Care by the National Working Group on Foster Care and Education.
  • Summary from Child Welfare, Education and The Courts: A Collaboration to Strengthen Educational Successes of Children and Youth in Foster Care
    This document contains summary information from the November 3-4th, 2011 conference on education collaboration held by the Administration for Children and Families and the Department of Education.

For additional education resources and publications, please see here.