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LinkedIn - Q & A among stakeholders

Please stop by the Project's LinkedIn discussion group to view and post questions and to exchange information with your peers across the US. The Fostering Connections Implementation Working Group on LinkedIn, hosted by the Project, allows state child welfare professionals to interact directly with one another and national and state foster care experts.  Several times a month, a moderator will post new Questions and Answers received by the Project pertaining to implementation.

For more information about LinkedIn and some basic considerations for using the networking groups on LinkedIn, please read our LinkedIn Guide. You can choose to receive email updates about new questions or categories (immediately or daily, or no emails) and control how much information about you is shared publicly with your network on LinkedIn.

You can join us by clicking here.  If that link doesn't take you directly to our group, you can also find us by searching on LinkedIn under Groups for "Fostering Connections Implementation Working Group" or "Fostering Connections." Please request to join the main group.  We will process requests daily. Questions can be directed to .