Fostering Connections Resource Center

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Enacted Legislation in Arkansas

Grandparents Access to Grandchildren

Bill: HB 2013, Act 1311; Status: Enacted

Summary: Requires the Department of Human Services to identify and provide notice to all adult grandparents and other adult relatives within 30 days of a juvenile transferred to the custody of the department. Requires court reports to include information and recommendations concerning placement and visitation with a grandparent or other adult relative.

Sponsored by Representative M. Burris

Guardianship Subsidy

Bill: SB 351, Act 325; Status: Enacted

Summary: Amends Arkansas' relative guardianship subsidy program to add those children who are eligible for Title IV-E foster care maintenance payments and who have been in the care of a relative for at least six months to the list of eligible children under the state's program.

Sponsored by Senator J. Key, Representative J. Dickinson

Foster Youth

Bill: SB 359, Act 391; Status: Enacted

Summary: Establishes that the Department of Human Services shall develop a transitional plan with every juvenile in foster care not later than the juvenile's seventeenth birthday or within ninety (90) days of entering a foster care program for juveniles who enter foster care at seventeen (17) years of age or older. Mandates the department to assist the child aging out of foster care with the obtaining health insurance and employment, among other items.

Sponsored by Senators Madison, Salmon, Teague, J. Key, D. Johnson, Bryles, R. Thompson, P. Malone, Glover, Whittaker and Representative Powers

Pending Legislation in Arkansas

There is no pending legislation for Arkansas.