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The Fostering Connections Resource Center will be following state and national coverage of the Fostering Connections Law and implementation efforts.  Links to articles will be shared here as identified.

  • A growing problem: Fresh out of foster care and homeless
    10/18/2010: Carol Smith - Seattle Pi
  • CA: Legislature Passes AB 12 - Supports For Foster Youth
    10/07/2010: - Karen Bass, Speaker Emeritus
  • Congress puts off Bachmann, Franken bills to reform foster care
    09/28/2010: Derek Wallbank -
  • LePak: California's AB 12: Good for Indian foster children
    09/28/2010: Jessica LePak - Indian Country Today
  • Giving Foster Kids Three More Years
    09/21/2010: Rhea Perlman - The Huffington Post
  • Daniel Heimpel: Schwarzenegger decision on foster care bill crucial
    09/22/2010: Daniel Heimpel - The Daily News Los Angeles
  • Report: OCY placing fewer kids in foster care
    09/22/2010: Ed Palattella -
  • Editorial: Governor, don't let our foster kids down
    09/12/2010: - The Sacramento Bee
  • CA: Legislature Passes AB 12 -- Supports For Foster Youth
    09/11/2010: - Inglewood Today
  • Legislation will bring clarity to the Indian Child Welfare Act if passed
    09/07/2010: Brenda Austin - Indian Country Today
  • Measure To Extend Benefits For Calif. Foster Care Children Goes To Governor
    09/01/2010: John Sepulvado - California Capitol Network
  • New Data: Many fewer US kids in foster care
    09/01/2010: David Crary - Associated Press
  • State data says adoption rate has increased over three years in Md.
    08/18/2010: Raven L. Hill - The Baltimore Sun
  • New law supports foster care reform
    06/16/2010: Christine Kim - KTUU-TV, Anchorage
  • Educational liaison keeps foster youths on the right track
    06/07/2010: Hilary Costa - Contra Costa Times
  • Reforms help states cut foster-care populations
    06/05/2010: David Crary - Associated Press
  • Program helps ex-foster youth navigate college
    05/22/2010: Nanette Asimov - San Francisco Chronicle
  • Adoption law change aids foster parents
    04/21/2010: Henri E. Cauvin - The Washington Post
  • Opinion: Washington helps some foster youth with an educational pipeline
    04/16/2010: Daniel Hiempel - The Seattle Times
  • Opinion: No excuse for California to fail foster children now
    01/27/2010: Daniel Heimpel - Mercury News
  • A foolish foster care shuffle
    12/30/2009: Editorial - LA Times
  • Foster-Child Power
    12/30/2009: Daniel Heimpel - Los Angeles News
  • Invest In Child Care, Invest In The Future
    12/23/2009: Daniel Heimpel - The Huffington Post
  • A Deadbeat Policy from Uncle Sam
    12/20/2009: Editorial - San Francisco Chronicle
  • US Senator Grassley Launches US Senate Caucus to Focus on Foster Youth
    12/17/2009: Press Release -
  • The Price of a Sentence
    12/14/2009: Daniel Heimpel - Newsweek
  • Landrieu, Grassley Announce Launch of Senate Caucus on Foster Youth
    12/17/2009: Press Release - Senator Mary Landrieu
  • Resource Center Launched to Support Implementation of Federal Child Welfare Law
    10/07/2009: - Fostering Connections Resource Center
  • Minnesota girl tells senators of school problems foster kids face
    04/30/2010: Derek Wallbank - MinnPost
  • Every child deserves a loving home
    04/26/2010: Jim McDermott - The Washington Post
  • Foster care: Legislation would give children more stability
    04/01/2010: Patriot-News Editorial Board -
  • Grandparents are parents again: More Hoosiers are taking on the challenges of raising their grandkids
    06/22/2010: Jason Thomas - IndyStar
  • Spotlight on the Fostering Connections Act
    07/12/2010: - The Children's Bureau Express
  • Delaware's children: On their own after foster care
    07/14/2010: Mike Calmers - Delaware Online: The News Journal