Fostering Connections Resource Center

Here you will find state and national tools, analyses and research related specifically to the Health provisions of the new Fostering Connections law. If you know of any resources that do not appear in our library, please send us an email at with the suggested resource, author and website URL for consideration.


  • Adoption Assistance by State: What mental health services are provided by your State?
    A description of mental health services by State.

National Resources


  • Comprehensive overview of ACF-PI-10-11
    This powerpoint presentation is a comprehensive overview of PI-10-11. ACF-PI-10-11 provides title IV-E agencies comprehensive information on the provisions of titles IV-B and IV-E as a result of the amendments made by the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008, P.L. 110-351. In addition to providing new guidance on the option for a title IV-E agency to extend assistance for the foster care maintenance, adoption assistance, and/or kinship guardianship programs to an eligible youth age 18 and older up to age 21, this instruction provides additional guidance on the other provisions of P.L. 110-351 and the flexibilities afforded to a title IV-E agency in complying with the law. This instruction also provides instruction on changes to the titles IV-B/IV-E plan requirements as a result of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148).
  • WEBINAR: Fostering Connections and Health
    The slideshow presentation from the 9/21/10 webinar on Fostering Connections and Health.
  • Healthy Foster Care America Website
    This site was developed as a place where professionals and partner organizations can find the latest information, facts, and figures on the health care of children and teens in foster care, including ready-to-use tools and resources. Foster parents or kin may also find these materials helpful in caring for the health needs of children and teens in their care.
  • Health Visit Report
    A sample Health Visit Report from Utah's Fostering Healthy Children Program.
  • Health Status Outcome Measure Score Sheet
    A sample outcome measure score sheet from Utah's Fostering Healthy Children Program.
  • Health Data Report
    A sample Health Data Report from Utah's Fostering Health Children Program.
  • Authorization to Disclose Health Information
    A sample Authorization to Disclose Health Information from Utah's Fostering Healthy Children Program.
  • Designation of Responsibility for Payment for a Child in Foster Care
    A sample designation of responsibility for payment for a child in foster care from Utah's Fostering Healthy Children Program.
  • SAFE Screen Shots
    Sample screen shots from Utah's Fostering Healthy Children Program's SACWIS system (SAFE).
  • National Indian Child Welfare Association on Mental Health
    The website for the National Indian Child Welfare Association on Mental Health
  • Native American Child Health
    Information on Native American Child Health from the AAP.
  • Circles of Care
  • Native American Children and Youth Well Being Indicators: A Strengths Perspective
    This paper is the result of an exploratory research project that investigated Native American well being indicators for children and youth from a strengths perspective. The research presented builds on previously conducted research on Native American well-being indicators for children and youth.
  • Native American Kids, 2001. Indian Children's Well Being Indicators: Databook
    This report presents a literature review of 10 well-being indicators for American Indian and Alaska Native children.
  • Title IV-E Plan Pre-print
    The attached pre-print from the Children's Bureau incorporates the statutory provisions of P.L. 110-351 that are effective through FY 2010