Fostering Connections Resource Center

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Enacted Kinship/Guardianship Legislation in Washington

Fostering Connections to Success Act

Bill: HB 1961, Chap. 235; Status: Enacted

Summary: Expands foster care up to age 21, expands the current relative guardianship program, and expands their current child welfare services. Clarifies the authority of the Department of Social and Health Services to provide continuing foster care placement services with youth ages 18-21 enrolled in post-secondary programs. Authorizes qualified relatives to receive a guardianship subsidy on behalf of a dependent child placed in the home under a guardianship order. Establishes the authority of the DSHS, beginning October 1, 2010, to provide foster care placement services for youth aging out of foster care who are engaged in qualified activities consistent with federal law.

Sponsored by Representatives Roberts

Post-Adoption Contact

Bill: HB 1938, Chap. 234; Status: Enacted

Summary: Directs the court reviewing and approving an adoption agreement to encourage consideration of providing postadoption contact between siblings who will be separated by the adoption. Requires the court to inquire of attorneys and GALs representing children in adoption and other custody matters about the potential benefit of continuing contact between siblings and the potential detriment of severing contact. Requires the pre-adoption home study report to verify that discussions with adoptive parents included the relevance of sibling relationships.

Sponsored by Representatives Roberts, Kagi, Angel, Walsh, Dunshee, Pettigrew, Green, Goodman, Haler and Kenney

Pending Kinship/Guardianship Legislation in Washington

Relative Search

Bill: HB 2085; Status: Pending-Carryover

Summary: Directs the Department of Social and Health Services to contract with a statewide relative search service provider to identify appropriate and stable placement options for children in dependency cases being removed from home.

Sponsored by Representatives' Walsh, Kagi, and Kenney