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Enacted Kinship/Guardianship Legislation in Missouri

Foster Care

Bill: HB 154; Status: Enacted

Summary: Requires the state to make diligent efforts to contact and locate the grandparents of a child for emergency placement, except when the children's division determines this to not be in the best interest of the child. Defines "diligent efforts" to include a good faith attempt documented in writing by the children's division, which exercises reasonable efforts and care to utilize all available services and resources related to meeting the ongoing health and safety needs of the child, to locate a grandparent or grandparents of the child. Creates a "Foster Care Education Bill of Rights" which designates an educational liaision from each school district to each child in foster care. Establishes that each child placing agency shall promote the educational stability for foster care children when making placement decision by considering their current school attendance area.�

Sponsored by Representative Ruestman

Pending Kinship/Guardianship Legislation in Missouri

There is no pending Kinship/Guardianship legislation for Missouri.