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Pending Education Legislation in California

Children in Foster Care: School Proximity

Bill: AB 1067; Status: Pending

Summary: Revises provisions of existing law related to the educational stability of children in foster care. Establishes that the child welfare and educational agencies shall determine the appropriateness of the child's educational stability plan, i.e. remaining in his or her school of origin, transportation to school, etc.

Sponsored by Assembly Member Brownley

Fostering Connections to Success Act

Bill: AB 12; Status: Pending-Carryover

Summary: Requires the department to amend its foster care state plan to extend care to specified individuals up to 21 years of age. Requires the court to ensure that the child's transitional case plan is reviewed periodically and includes a plan for the child to meet one or more criteria that would allow the child to remain a nonminor dependent, and to ensure that the child has been informed of his or her right to seek the termination of dependency jurisdiction. Extends the Adoption Assistance Program (AAP) to include children under 21 years of age who turned 16 years of age before the adoption assistance agreement became effective.

Sponsored by Assembly Members Beall and Bass, with principal co-author, Senator Liu