Fostering Connections Resource Center

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  • ACYF-CB-PI-09-10
    Establishes new criteria associated with the delinking of Adoption Assistance eligibility AFDC eligibility requirements, phased in over time beginning in FY 2010. In FY 2010 beginning with children aged 16 years and older, eligibility for Adoption Assista
  • ACF-CB-IM-09-03
    Extends the Adoption Incentive Program through FY 2013, updates the "base year" used to measure increases to FY 2007, doubles incentive payment amounts for special needs and older child adoptions and creates a "highest ever" foster child adoption rate pay
  • Adoption Incentives Program Grantees
    States that received 2009 Incentive Awards
  • ACF-CB-PI-09-08
    Provides a revised Title IV-E plan pre-print that incorporatesthe statutory provisions made by Public Law 110-351 which are effective through fiscal year 2010.