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Missouri's collaboration efforts with Indian Centers

There are no federally recognized tribes in Missouri. But there are three multipurpose social service centers for Native Americans: Heart of America Indian Center in Kansas City; American Indian Council in St. Louis and the Southwest Missouri Indian Center in Springfield. When tribal children come to the attention of the Missouri Children's Division, the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) is followed and services are coordinated with the nearest Indian Center. Tribal courts have parity with juvenile/state courts and in most cases assume jurisdiction and take responsibility for the child. If the Indian Centers are unable to provide services, the tribe is still notified and engaged in all actions to ensure that child welfare services are provided with respect for Indian heritage and cultural beliefs and ICWA requirements. Tribal representation was provided on Missouri's Child and Family Services Review (CFSR) committee. Missouri has no formal agreements with the Indian Centers, however, the state enjoys a cooperative relationship with them for the purpose of providing services to families as well as advising on policies surrounding Native American clients.  Read more.


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