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Delaware's transition planning efforts

Delaware requires youth with an Alternative Permanency Placement Living Arrangement (APPLA) to have their transition plan reviewed by the court every six months, rather than annually. The state is also required to consider family connections throughout the life of the case and the appropriateness of youth having a plan of APPLA. Delaware also has a Youth Advisory Council (YAC) where youth are trained to enhance their leadership skills and interpersonal development. In 2008, YAC implemented a financial literacy program. These efforts will assist Delaware's foster youth to increase their knowledge about opening and managing a savings account, learning about loans and interest rates. These youth can also receive matching funds as they open a savings account and regularly deposit funds. Delaware also passed SB 262 giving caseworkers authority to sign documentation on behalf of youth so they can obtain a license from the Department of Motor Vehicles without the worker or DSCYF assuming liability.  Read more.

The Fostering Connections Resource Center gratefully acknowledges the National Association of Public Child Welfare Administrators for providing these summaries of state approaches. Please visit NAPCWA for the complete implementation summary.

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