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DC's Transition Planning for Older Youth

In the District, transition plans should begin no later than 90 days before a youth exits foster care and when they turn 19 years of age. Additionally, transition plans in the District are youth-led and young people aging out work with independent living coordinators to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses their specific needs. Every six months, youth meet with their social workers and attend a transition planning meeting to modify these plans as their needs can change overtime. As the youth turn 20 years old, these meetings occur more frequently to successfully prepare youth for self-sufficiency. As youth age out of foster care, CFSA independent living coordinators encourage young people to develop a Facebook page so they can stay in contact with the agency and other youth formerly in foster care in the District. This effort is assisting DC to track youth who exit foster care and maintain compliance with the National Youth In Transition Database regulations. The District is working to revise this process such that transition planning will begin for youth at 17 years of age.  Read more.


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